My New Year’s Resolutions…..For Other People



text when I’m behind you, especially on the subway steps, I’m always in a hurry!

take up two seats on a crowded subway train (or even if it’s not crowded).

clog up the checkout counter while you slowly and absentmindedly put your credit card or cash away, or even worse…. get to the checkout counter and dig through your oversized bag to find your wallet (how come you don’t know what you are required to do when you get to the cashier?!).

Push in front of everyone waiting for the traffic to clear at the corner so you can wait for the traffic to clear first!

eat your onion laden salad or sandwich on my subway car or on my flight.

forget that your iphone flashlight is still on after you’ve finished reading the restaurant menu or found a seat in the darkened theater, it’s shining right in my face!

AND to all my wonderful friends, family (and loyal readers:-)  I will trust you to make your own resolutions, but to me you are perfect! Keep being your loving, supportive and amazing selves. I am truly grateful to each of you and send my wishes for many more years filled with good health, happiness and the opportunity to fulfill your dreams.

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