A Few Comments about NYC Kids

Heading up Columbus Avenue to the gym two mornings a week I often see dads walking little ones to school (looks like a lot of dads happily take the morning shift). I occasionally  think its a good thing no one in the mix is a slave to fashion,  or maybe they are and wholeheartedly support the wearing of two different shoes or coats belonging to a much larger sibling! Sometimes  they are on scooters,  often carrying backpacks larger than they are (the kids not the dads) and are usually deep in conversation (often the only time I see an adult talking to a visible person!). These encounters never cease to bring  an early morning smile.

Then there is the uniquely NYC kid story that Peter, my Pilates instructor, shared. Peter is a doting and devoted uncle-in case  you need proof,  he took his nieces and nephews to Toys R Us in Times Square the day before Christmas which also happened to be the last day for the toy store at that location, I get agita just thinking about it! Now for the really unique NYC part…  Peter and his soon-to-be 3 year old nephew had spent the afternoon at the playground. On the way home the little one told Uncle Peter he was too tired to walk . Instead of putting his arms up to be carried like kids everywhere else he walked over to the curb and put one arm out to hail a cab! Another “only in New York” story!



No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

My friend Sue (made up name) recently told me about her experience involving a long lost sorority sister and the Westminster Dog Show.  I think the details are blog-worthy and since Sue doesn’t have a blog I feel it is my responsibility to fill you in.

It all began with a phone call from Mitzi (made up name) after having had no contact with Sue for almost 50 years. Mitzi’s two dogs were being considered for a spot in the  Westminster Dog Show so she was coming to New York from her home in the Santa Fe outback and wondered if she could stay with Sue for a few days.  Remembering Mitzi as a beautiful, kind, fun loving sorority sister Sue said she would be delighted! Mitzi warned that she walked with a cane but then again so did Sue who was recovering from a painful fracture after a recent fall and they both had a good laugh! Mitzi had two V.I.P tickets to the last night of the Show (very impressive!) so between reminiscing, catching up and attending the very prestigious Westminster Dog Show at Madison Square Garden there was alot to look forward to.

Mitzi arrived on Sunday afternoon and, as mentioned she did indeed have a cane, however she had neglected to say that she could barely walk, with or without it! The situation went from bad to worse as Sue quickly realized Mitzi needed help with everything including getting in and out of bed, in and out of chairs, in and out of cabs, up and down steps and perhaps the most challenging task, help putting on and taking off her boots!  After 3 days of waiting on her Sue was approaching crisis mode, not to mention that the pain from her fracture was getting worse, as were her house guest’s demands!.

As it turned out Mitzi’s dogs did not get show spots but a friend’s dog did make the cut so Mitzi’s disappointment was tempered by the excitement of knowing one of the show dogs and having dinner before the event with the owner of a “star”.

This is where the story goes from being less about my worn out friend and more one of comic relief (no pun intended!). After the ordeal of putting Mitzi’s boots on and getting her in and out of a cab, an exhausted and aching Sue accompanied Mitzi  and Mitzi’s friend to dinner.  Unexpectedly they had to find a dog friendly restaurant because the handler of the “star” got a last minute assignment leaving the unhappy owner “babysitting” her own dog!  The group wound up finding a suitable restaurant near Grand Central Station and since Sue was the NYC resident, the disgruntled dog owner demanded to know where she could find grass so her champion could relieve himself. Grass?!! -around Grand Central Station!!  ( in case you don’t know GCS is located almost in the center of our concrete jungle and  quite far from the green grass of Central Park).  Sue explained that dogs in NYC use the street or the curb, hence the signs all over Manhattan “please curb your dog”. The owner was appalled and indignantly informed Sue that this was a show dog and needed grass, not concrete! “OH NO” Sue thought, what next?   As the evening wore on though an amazing thing happened, the dog learned to read the signs!

Attending the Westminster Dog Show after dinner once again involved alot of heavy lifting, and even though Sue’s four legged dinner companion didn’t win the ribbon for Best In Show, in my estimation he definitely deserved a blue ribbon for learning to read!

Mitzi’s 4 day visit finally came to an end and my exhausted friend may still be recovering!