How NYC Became My Home Town

An incredibly accomplished friend who held a major position in a very large organization recently confided that she never goes to events alone in NYC, not to a movie, the theater or even a restaurant. It has nothing to do with feeling unsafe she assures me, she has no trouble going out alone anywhere else in the world,  just not in New York City her hometown! Let me back up a moment, I lived in Ohio most of my married life but 6 years ago,  at the gentle urging of my daughter who lives in Westchester, I decided to rent a small apartment for a few weeks to see if I liked the NYC lifestyle. A lovely woman I met at that time told me NYC was the only place a woman could do anything alone and not feel conspicuous or uncomfortable. She was SO right!  From the   minute I arrived in my temporary “digs” I discovered I had always been a New Yorker, I just hadn’t actually lived here!! I continue to tell anyone who is willing to listen that life in NYC makes me feel like a kid in the proverbial candy store. But as noted by my highly accomplished friend this might not be the ideal lifestyle for everyone, I just know this is where I belong.


And So It Begins……

I was looking forward to starting this blog in partnership with my pal Renee on January 1st, 2015 my first day of retirement… life got in the way for both of us and it is now December (almost January 2016) are we finally ready?!

I loved my work as the Executive Director of a non profit and learned so much about the human spirit (more about this later) and spent two years planning my “stepping down” (notice avoidance of the word “retire”). I was positive I was going to be the first person who ever said “what am I going to do to fill up the days” rather than the ad nauseam “when did I ever have time to work?”.  My inner scream was constantly being activated by well-meaning people telling me how much I would love this next step. Full disclosure, I didn’t step down until I was almost 70….ish, how did that happen? When did people stop looking at me in amazement when I said I was a grandmother and when, despite adopting my youngest looking stance and expression, did young “upstarts” begin offering me their seat on the subway?!

What do I plan to blog about ?

  • Filling the days without just filling the days
  • Meeting new and interesting people
  • Tips on discovering how to get along with yourself, sort of.
  • Enjoying new opportunities-learning to embrace them rather than thinking of them as obligations I got myself into and can’t get out of because the tickets were purchased or because I’m bringing the wine.
  • Senior (hate that word) beauty and health tips that may not work but aren’t harmful and may even be worth the effort!