I Think I’ve Become A Real New Yorker!

The signs were faint at first and my earliest suspicions were directional. The first one may have been when I was stopped by a tourist asking me which subway line she should take,  after inquiring about where she was going I actually knew how to direct her!  The next indication came a few weeks later when I overheard two people discussing how they planned to get from the Upper West side to Lower Manhattan on public transportation and realized it no longer sounded like they were speaking an exotic language everyone in the City but me understood !  I’ve also mastered the art of boarding an MTA bus (almost) and am no longer confused about  how to insert my card into the mechanical swiper. This is very important to know because not only is there usually a long line waiting to board behind me but also because everyone on the bus becomes privy to my embarrassing attempts  (with no help from anyone, including the driver).

According to a list posted on the  website   www.spareroom.com I am happy to report that my instincts were correct, I really may have become a real NYer!

So, with gratitude to http://www.spareroom.com I’ve pasted a few of the telltale signs and some of my personal comments in italics. (*The list ends with this warning “Of course, now that you’re an official New Yorker, you’ll need some serious therapy to integrate back into any other city.. ” probably very true!)  Here’s the list, you be the judge

You Know You are A Real New Yorker When…..

  1. You can climb out of a subway exit and immediately know which way to walk – based purely on the direction of traffic. Not in this lifetime!!
  2. You know the difference between lox and smoked salmon – and you know which one you want on your bagel. HAH, I was born knowing that!
  3. You laugh if anyone says the G train is their nearest line. It does not serve Manhattan and suffers frequent disruptions and poor service! See!
  4. You know what alternate side parking is all about.
  5. You know all the ‘pay what you wish’ days for the museums and galleries.
  6. You tut when walking past anywhere listing “Grade Pending”.
  7. You know how to pronounce Houston.
  8. You choose shoes according to two criteria only: comfort and durability. SPOT ON!
  9. You deserve to be on a home decor show for the way you’ve made use of apartment space. (Shoes on a rack above the cooker? Perfect). Actually my sneakers are neatly placed on a wine rack in my closet.
  10. Going to Times Square on New Year’s Eve seems like the most terrible idea ever.
  11. You describe lining up for something as “waiting on line”, and you can’t understand why anyone finds that in the slightest bit weird.
  12. A movie being filmed in the street is no longer an exciting novelty, just another damn obstacle between you and your destination. So TRUE!
  13. When you see the skyline, you know you’re home!