It seems that every time I would sit down to try to write something lighthearted words failed me. I realized that my previous ability to focus on the fun and colorful NYC  appearing in my world almost daily had deserted me after November 8th (and especially after January 20th).  I’ve decided, however, to make a determined effort to recapture the magic. Here goes….

Having to admit that I’ve lost my subway card twice over the past month (along with 3 right gloves) is not easy! I chalk it up to my bad habit of jamming everything in my coat pockets for easy access rather than taking an extra second to put things safely in my purse. You may or may not be amazed to hear that total strangers tracked me down both times and returned my card, unused! A tribute to my adopted city (or maybe to the Upper West Side?!). The card is now safely tucked away in my wallet despite the fact that it adds a few extra seconds to my frequent mad dash to catch a train.

Although this  next story has nothing to do with  NYC I think it is much too special not to share. It involves one of my children (no eye rolling please, he is very grown up)and his color blindness . Those of us who see the full rainbow spectrum cannot possibly  understand the limitations this condition presents.

Danny managed to get along ok until he entered medical school when not being able to see the color red, as you might imagine, became a real problem. We were able to find  glasses that helped a little but the bright red lenses were startling and caused him to become the center of attention every time he put them on. Needless to say, he wore them only when absolutely necessary.

Happily, thanks to recent technology  a company called Enchroma introduced  color blind correction glasses that look totally normal (no red lenses!) and have the magic ability to correct the most common red/green colorblind issues. Danny received a pair for his birthday which allowed incorporation of his prescription lenses along with the magic paintbrush. He recently sent me a link to a Youtube video of a child bursting into tears as he dons his new Enchroma glasses and sees flowers in full color for the first time!

As his email continues Danny describes own experience (pasted with his permission of course!)

These are the same glasses I got for my birthday but with a different frame.  Biggest thing for me so far is that green traffic lights look green, not white.  It makes me giggle (honest), because each time a light turns green it’s a total surprise!  I haven’t cried yet, but I’m hoping spring flowers will bring a tear to my eye!    

Right up there with Harry Chapin in his ballad “Flowers are Red”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 “…………But the little boy said
There are so many colors in the rainbow
So many colors in the morning sun
So many colors in the flowers and I see every one……..”

Bravo for seeing all the colors in the rainbow, especially today when we have to try so much harder considering our current political climate!