Almost “Normal”

Sunday I had an almost “normal” day. Despite the threat of severe thunderstorms three friends and I met at the Morgan Library to see the David Hockney exhibit (my son was totally confused when I told him about my day wondering why I wanted to see a hockey exhibit!).

Two of these friends are extreme fashionistas and the other two, one of them being me and one I’ll call JB are much more understated (lots of beiges and blacks). One fashionista only wears custom clothing made from the most exotic and gorgeous fabrics you could ever imagine and the other dresses only in wild colors and fabulously funky outfits.

After enjoying the great exhibit, we set off on our excursion to the restaurant for dinner about 1.5 miles away, JG in her gorgeous silk /linen outer coat with various and sundry silk undercoats and a few amazing scarves for good measure and JS in her flowered coat, sequined and polka dotted leggings and wildly colored sneakers. Then there was me in all black and JB in alot of beige. As we were leaving the Morgan JG and JS (sorry about all the J’s) noticed that the raincoat JB was carrying over her arm had a wildly colored lining. Together they demanded she MUST wear it inside out!

With great hesitation JB agreed arguing that everyone would know. We had a serious discussion right there in the Morgan lobby, examining it from every angle, deciding It looked great, and, since the label was under the hood, we assured her no one would ever know and that she was joining the ranks of the fashionistas.

On we went to dinner where we enjoyed a delicious meal and eachother’s company, together non-virtually for the first time in over a year!

I promise you this entire story is true but before I finish it needs reiterating…..

As we were leaving the very elegant Greek restaurant a couple at the next plexiglassed and socially distant table beckoned me over. Puzzled, I moved as close as I dared and in a “stage whisper” almost in unison, they said “tell your friend she has her coat on inside out”!

 It’s refreshing to know that in spite of being homebound for over a year some NYers haven’t lost their need to mind your business!