A Few Comments about NYC Kids

Heading up Columbus Avenue to the gym two mornings a week I often see dads walking little ones to school (looks like a lot of dads happily take the morning shift). I occasionally  think its a good thing no one in the mix is a slave to fashion,  or maybe they are and wholeheartedly support the wearing of two different shoes or coats belonging to a much larger sibling! Sometimes  they are on scooters,  often carrying backpacks larger than they are (the kids not the dads) and are usually deep in conversation (often the only time I see an adult talking to a visible person!). These encounters never cease to bring  an early morning smile.

Then there is the uniquely NYC kid story that Peter, my Pilates instructor, shared. Peter is a doting and devoted uncle-in case  you need proof,  he took his nieces and nephews to Toys R Us in Times Square the day before Christmas which also happened to be the last day for the toy store at that location, I get agita just thinking about it! Now for the really unique NYC part…  Peter and his soon-to-be 3 year old nephew had spent the afternoon at the playground. On the way home the little one told Uncle Peter he was too tired to walk . Instead of putting his arms up to be carried like kids everywhere else he walked over to the curb and put one arm out to hail a cab! Another “only in New York” story!



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