NY Attitude

How do you entertain your 21 year old grandson for 4 days in NYC? Let me say right up front, with no prejudice, Jacob is pretty close to perfect 🙂 and he is graduating from the University of Oregon in June so this had to be a very special trip. Of course we spent time with family (who are also close to perfect:-),went to the theater (Curious Incident), out to eat ALOT ( at restaurants too numerous to mention ),visited museums etc. etc.

Much as I hate to admit it, getting around the city is still quite a challenge for me. Even with google maps, waze, citymapper and my compass I often manage to turn the wrong way and usually when  I am only a few blocks from my destination. Jacob says it isn’t that we’re getting lost, it’s that we’re on an adventure-believe me we spent 4 days on a lot of “adventures”!

Most of the time we took public transportation, in my estimation the best way to get around the City, and if you are so inclined, to interact with other NYers.  The day we decided to visit the recently opened Met Breuer involved a new adventure-the cross town bus (embarrassing to admit that I rarely take the bus, I’m a subway kinda gal)! As we boarded the M72 I realized my bus mapper app didn’t clearly show me the closest stop to the museum (Madison & 75th). Truth be told , short of it yelling at me “get off now” I don’t really trust the accuracy of my bus app.  As we boarded I asked the driver if the bus stopped on Fifth Ave and 75th (no idea why I asked about 5th avenue instead of Madison!) “Close enough” she said . When we found seats I also asked the woman sitting behind me if the bus stopped at 5th and 75th. She repeated the words of the bus driver, it stopped close enough.

As the bus wound its way to the east side and became more crowded Jacob stood up to give his seat to a nice lady (told you he was close to perfect). I loved her immediately when she told me what a good job I had done with my son! At the risk of sounding like Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man I decided to also ask her if the bus stopped near the Met Breuer. The magic words “Met Breuer” elicited corrected directions,” get off at Madison and 70th and walk 5 blocks, definitely not 5th & 75th”!  Meanwhile a very panicked looking young man overheard her giving me directions and asked for directions for himself as well-it turned out he was a courier and was lost! She asked him for the exact street address he needed and assured him he was on the right bus, headed in the right direction and that she would tell him when to get off. Meanwhile a man in a suit and tie standing close by told the courier that he was getting off at the same stop and would make sure  he headed the right way when they got off.

Soon I heard the driver announce on the overhead that next stop was 5th ave and that the lady and her “son” should exit-I swear it really happened!!  Fortunately we were in the back so the bus driver didn’t see that I was ignoring her instructions! I did however have to explain my error to the woman behind me when she leaned over to tell me this was my stop.

Now it gets a little confusing so pay close attention!-In a few minutes the woman next to me pointed out our stop was next and noticed the courier heading to the exit. Both she and the man in the suit grabbed one of his sleeves at the same time and said “not here-this is their stop”! We exited at the correct stop and I have no doubt the courier made it safely to his destination as well.

Can you imagine encountering so many  caring strangers on one bus in a city known for its indifference and “NY attitude”? Take that Ted Cruz!!  I rest my case!

4 thoughts on “NY Attitude

  1. I think this is a wonderful representation of our city and the many warm and welcoming people who live here – great entry! And I couldn’t agree more — Jacob IS practically perfect! 🙂


  2. No one could appreciate this more than me. I am so directionally impaired that on my recent trip to Florida I got on the Florida Turnpike going south when I wanted to go north, and I didn’t have a nice lady to tell me what to do. I can’t go anywhere without getting lost. Believe me, if you ever come visit me in Denver, we will be lost for days. I do know how perfect Peter and the rest of your family are, and I am glad you had such a wonderful visit with him.


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