The Perfect Fried Egg


Recently another new-ish friend invited me to join her for a New York Times Insider event. Even though I had no idea what a NYT Insider was it sounded very important! In my determination to say “yes” to new experiences I immediately signed up and learned, much as I hate to admit this, Insider status is available to anyone who gets the print and online versions of the NY Times! Even though I discovered that my elite status wasn’t so elite after all it was well worth saying yes.

The evening featured a discussion with the charming and very funny Times Food Editor Sam Sifton and Julia Moskin, one of the top food reporters.  Both were excellent speakers and seemed to be having a great time telling us about their current work and their years as restaurant critics.

Sam regaled us with one especially amusing story (at least it was amusing to Sam and to us) about Julia’s determination to make the perfect fried egg which involved 17 attempts, OY!  In my humble opinion, no matter how much I might desire that “perfect” specimen, 17 tries might be  a tad excessive (fortunately my reputation doesn’t depend on it!)  Just in case you too are devoted to egg perfection this link will show you the details -I have to admit the eggs do look delicious!

We also enjoyed hearing about Julia’s participation in the tasting of the Times Thanksgiving recipes, wine included, which appear annually in the Food section- what a tough job!  Lo and behold when my Thanksgiving edition of the NYT arrived a few days later there on the front page of the food section were featured articles and recipes by  Sam & Julia (see I told you I am making new friends everywhere I go!).


3 thoughts on “The Perfect Fried Egg

  1. from your less newish friend, I hope. Loooove your blog and will follow with pleasure and anticipation. You may be pleased to know that being a NYT Insider is very slightly more prestigious than just subscribing. Much to my dismay, I learned that I was a paying guinea pig. The gig was up and the NYT thanked me for my participation and asked if I’d renew. I can barely read the paper and their special emails recommending more reading, so I decided to forgo the Insider invites. See, it was special after all.


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