While I May Not Have Bette Davis Eyes……

Does it count that I do have Issae Miyake arms?

I noticed my new “designer” upper arms one hot summer morning after donning a sleeveless T Shirt and casually glancing in the mirror on my way out the door. WAIT, STOP, I shrieked to myself, when and how did those strange body parts get there? I wasn’t reacting to my face or my neck, (those changes, although perhaps even more alarming, have been alot more subtle). Where did those accordion pleats come from? How could yesterday’s sculpted triceps possibly have folded into origami patterns overnight and how do I iron them out before I leave for the day? Heating up the iron was, of course, out of the question so I changed into a long-sleeved shirt and sweltered as I went about my busy schedule.

Every so often during the day the thought of those pleated upper arms crossed my mind. I was sure they would be gone by the time I got home, probably due to a one-time contortionist sleeping position and while I do love my two vintage Issae Miyake outfits and my stunning red Issae Myake purse I didn’t want to be wearing them as permanent body parts.

That was two years ago. After trying every cream, lotion and miles of expensive tape advertised to do the job but impossible to apply, I discovered a very simple and effective solution, wear whatever the weather calls for but, if it involves short sleeves avoid any shiny surface that might possibly reflect my image!

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