Only In New York, Or So I Thought…..

Maple R., an absolutely adorable puppy lives with my very good friend in an apartment building not too far from me and Blue Handler is my very handsome granddog who recently moved to Detroit. Coincidentally they both introduced me to a new concept on the same day- doggy report cards! I found this idea to be hilariously funny but quickly adjusted my attitude when I realized how seriously they both take this;-)

I received “written” permission (via email) to share even more reasons for their humans to brag. Keep in mind Maple’s report card is from her very first experience with a dog walker and Blue’s is from Canine to Five (get it?!)a new-to-him doggy day care in a new-to-him city.

Meet Maple (told you she was adorable)

and here’s the very handsome Blue

Now for the two report cards (spoiler alert, both are stars)

Maples report had to be posted in two sections

Notice “Today’s Walk Theme”!

Love how he answers in the first “person’!

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