Singalong on Lincoln Center Plaza Yesterday

NYC knows how to celebrate and who could resist this invitation in the West Side Rag, especially since this was happening in my backyard! Snippets of videos of joyful NYers attached (they do play I promise, some have to be clicked twice)

“The Young People’s Chorus of New York City headlines this joyous outdoor performance and singalong, kicking off Summer for the City,” Lincoln Center’s three-month summer program, presenting 300+ free performances, a press release announced. “We offer this warm welcome to come together after so much time apart,” said Shanta Thake, chief artistic officer.

Welcome to the Lincoln Center Singalong

Amore!! What a way to begin

(I had to stop the video when a woman kept walking straight at me no matter where I moved!)

Remember Moonstruck? Parts were filmed right here

What great moves! Watching him ya gotta smile and wonder at the nonchalance of the NYers around him

And for the GRAND FINALE….. welcome back NYC (sorry it’s sideways but worth watching)!

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