Maybe You Had To Be There

   A caveat, this does not in any way express my personal feelings so I hope no one is offended, I just thought it was too good not to share.

   This past Sunday I spent the day in CT at a friend’s beautiful home. Every summer she graciously invites a few of us to come for a day of relaxation and pampering. The invitation includes lunch, swimming & exercising in her pool, cocktails, dinner and watching the sun set over the gorge below on one of her exquisite terraces. The only sounds ever disturbing this idyllic scene are those of happy chatter and bursts of laughter. Tough right?!

   As we were sitting on lounge chairs admiring the view we started to discuss travel.  One friend is going to Southeast Asia for Christmas and I asked her if she’d ever been to Nepal.

   “No” she replied “I could never go because of the altitude”. “Well” another friend quipped immediately “I have my limits too, I never go to the East Side because of the attitude”!  This remark struck me as hysterically funny and I’d only had a few sips of wine.

    I repeat maybe you had to be there so no groaning please, 🙂

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