No Exaggeration, I’ve Been Waiting Almost a Year For This Book

Published by Simon & Schuster, available on Amazon on February 7th (available now for preorder).

People vs. Donald Trump is a fascinating inside account of the attempt to prosecute former president Donald Trump, written by one of the lawyers who worked on the case and resigned in protest when Manhattan’s district attorney refused to act.

Mark Pomerantz was a retired lawyer living a calm suburban life when he accepted an unexpected offer to join the staff of the district attorney of New York County in February 2021 to work on the investigation of former president Donald Trump….

These two paragraphs are direct quotes from the Amazon website’s book introduction. I, however, take issue with the statement that Mark was just “one of the lawyers who worked on the case”. They neglect to mention any of Mark’s impressive accomplishments which made him uniquely qualified for this role such as his having served as head of the Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office where he oversaw major securities fraud causes, including the prosecution of mob boss John Gotti. He was also a white collar defense attorney working on behalf of Martha Stewart and Sam Wachsell contributing to his highly respected reputation as an expert on both sides

Full disclosure, the Pomerantz family lived next door to my daughter and son-in-law and their two children for 28 years. The families became friends as well as neighbors and over the years the two sets of Pomerantz twins (yes, two sets of twins!) babysat for my grandchildren. So, not only was this high-profile role he undertook (pro bono) of interest to me as a voracious political junkie but it was also personal. I was hoping against hope that Mark would write this book so I/we could learn, first-hand, exactly how this investigation unfolded then unraveled, and he did!

As you can see, my statement that I’ve been waiting for this book for almost a year is not an exaggeration!

2 thoughts on “No Exaggeration, I’ve Been Waiting Almost a Year For This Book

  1. Looking forward to reading Mark’s book for so many reasons. He has a brilliant incisive mind…plus a wonderful family and cute dog! This book will shed helpful light on all he experienced, saw, learned during his one year working on this case against DT…We preordered our copy too!

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