A Few Thoughts About Last Night’s Heckler in Chief

One of the benefits of having a readership consisting mostly of family and a few like-minded friends is that I risk offending no one by offering my honest opinions and frank observations.

With that in mind, other than apologies to any Disney characters or Las Vegas Drag Queens who happen upon this blog, I make no apologies for the following:

Last night I thought President Biden delivered one of the best State of the Union Addresses I’ve heard in many years. Even with his speech challenges, the President was clear about the many achievements he and his fellow Democrats (and even, in some cases, with Republican help) were able to accomplish in the past two years and to highlight the positive and realistically outline where we fall short. Considering the train wreck he inherited from the previous administration, the achievements are nothing short of miraculous.

 Incredibly but perhaps predictably, Marjorie Taylor Green, proving once again her desperate, no holds barred need for attention, interrupted the Address by booing and shouting “liar” a number of times. This totally inappropriate behavior seemed to embarrass Kevin McCarthy, many members of her own Party, and almost everyone around her as well as to call attention to her strangely inappropriate white fur-trimmed cloak, more befitting Cruella De Vil or the previously mentioned Las Vegas Drag Queen. That outfit probably drew as much incredulity as her heckling.

I will end my tirade with a tweet by Yair Rosenberg, a journalist for the Atlantic

I understand the upset at the juvenile heckling of Biden during his speech, but frankly, he seemed to feed off it and they just made him look good, which is usually the outcome when someone tries to shout over the person with the podium and the microphone.

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