Another Beautiful Day In My Neighborhood

When I got on the elevator at 8 AM this morning, the adorable two-year-old sitting in her stroller gave me a coy smile. “Where are you going so early, little cutie?” I asked. “We are going to our forest dance class,” answered her nanny. “Really?” I asked incredulously. While the little cutie continued to flirt with me, her nanny explained that a group of two and three-year-olds meet every morning, weather permitting, “deep in the forests of Central Park” (The Ramble for you non-New Yorkers) for an hour to sing and dance with their teacher”, just writing this makes me smile!
As I got off the elevator I bumped into Annie, a German Pincer, and her owner coming back from a walk. Annie is one of my special favorites and as always was dressed fashionably, today in a red and black checkered coat. She rested her head on my thigh in her usual sweet greeting. We hugged for a few minutes then I headed off to The Muffin Cafe, my favorite coffee shop. I’m usually in a hurry (surprise, surprise), but this morning, I had time to sit down and drink my coffee and listen to the first fifteen minutes of a news podcast-that’s when I spotted it…..mind you, I’ve been rushing in and out of this shop for years and never noticed the sign posted on the wall next to the cash register. How could you not love New York after this kind of a morning?!


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