Preparing for the Blizzard

Blizzard scene, 2016
Outside my apartment window at 11am

A week before the actual event, every weather report predicted a major blizzard would be hitting the east coast this weekend. Along with these dire warnings were  also admonitions to all New Yorkers to prepare for the worst including cancelling all weekend plans (which I dutifully did with no charge for rescheduling!).

So I woke up very early Friday morning ready to “prepare for the worst” trying to control my crazy urge to race across the street (literally) to be first person in line at the Gourmet Garage at 7am when they opened.  I was only able to stifle the urge when I realized I didn’t need any groceries! Instead I headed to my discussion class (very well attended despite the  bitter cold temperatures and dire warnings) then out to lunch with a friend-all the while still fighting the irrational need to bolt out of class or the restaurant and rush to the nearest grocery store to buy something, anything just to acknowledge that I was acting like a responsible New Yorker and could be just as prepared as everyone else! I vaguely wondered how responsible I would appear standing in (on) a long line for hours to purchase an apple.  You may have already guessed, that’s exactly what I did, except that by some miracle I had timed it just right, only two people were ahead of me. In addition to an apple I also purchased a pint of blueberries, 6 eggs and a bag of black licorice-bring it on, I am so ready!

This morning I awoke to hear NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio and Governor Mario Cuomo declaring a State of Emergency and a prediction of 20-25 inches of snow!  I quickly became mesmerized by the scene outside my window and in the late morning saw two people cross country skiing, on Broadway (lest you are worried, I saw them out of my apartment window!).

I find it odd that even though I am not working anymore I still feel I should use this day to take care of a few things I never have time for, like cleaning my closets, working on the Ukraine report I am preparing for my discussion group and learning how to add photos to my blog, as you can see I actually did it!!! Now on to the report and my closets (or maybe not!).

To my many (Hah) blizzard affected readers, stay warm and safe and if you have no reports to write or closets to clean please consider posting a comment on how you are spending (spent) your snow day and maybe even add a photo or two:-)


How NYC Became My Home Town

An incredibly accomplished friend who held a major position in a very large organization recently confided that she never goes to events alone in NYC, not to a movie, the theater or even a restaurant. It has nothing to do with feeling unsafe she assures me, she has no trouble going out alone anywhere else in the world,  just not in New York City her hometown! Let me back up a moment, I lived in Ohio most of my married life but 6 years ago,  at the gentle urging of my daughter who lives in Westchester, I decided to rent a small apartment for a few weeks to see if I liked the NYC lifestyle. A lovely woman I met at that time told me NYC was the only place a woman could do anything alone and not feel conspicuous or uncomfortable. She was SO right!  From the   minute I arrived in my temporary “digs” I discovered I had always been a New Yorker, I just hadn’t actually lived here!! I continue to tell anyone who is willing to listen that life in NYC makes me feel like a kid in the proverbial candy store. But as noted by my highly accomplished friend this might not be the ideal lifestyle for everyone, I just know this is where I belong.