A Few Messages From Bobby In The Lobby

Every Friday for the last ten years our Concierge Bobby, or as we lovingly call him Bobby-In-The- Lobby, has given out hand written notes of inspiration to a chosen few 🙂 Thinking that what brightened my day may do the same for you, I’m sharing three of his notes, plus three photos from my walk this morning.

P.S. Who would have guessed that the studio of a Master Violin Maker is hidden away in the basement of a brownstone on 65th & Central Park West!

IMG_0153IMG_0157IMG_0152IMG_0147 (1)IMG_0136 (2)IMG_0142

5 thoughts on “A Few Messages From Bobby In The Lobby

  1. Bobby in the Lobby…love him. Great notes. Just what we need today. How come you already have daffodils in NYC? Not fair.


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