A Great Idea to Share

I wonder how many of us would have complained a few months ago  if we had been told that we could work from home in our sweats or pj’s, shop online and spend our evenings reading, listening to music and/or watching movies?
Frightened and over the top concerned for my family and friends I am trying to step back from the edge, follow the guidelines and, to quote my late husband, “find the lemonade”. Last night my grandson Eli managed to make a huge pitcher of that refreshing drink by organizing an online NYC family movie club. Eight of us will be watching the same movie Wednesday and participating in an on online discussion Thursday evening. The enthusiastic text responses with movie selection ideas and the serious thought put into organizing the format for the discussion (thank you Wendy) created a keen sense of connection and, to continue the metaphor, added lots of sugar to these days that seem filled with so many lemons!
Our movie group is sold out but you are invited to use Eli’s idea (okay Eli?) and start your own. It could be great for your mental health in these extremely difficult times.
Please stay home and stay healthy!
P.S. In case you were wondering, we chose Rear Window-seemed quite appropriate since we are all home-bound

3 thoughts on “A Great Idea to Share

  1. miss you oh little one! good post and what you described is basically my life without the work park. OK, I do volunteer do TTN stuff and host people. Writing in my robe from the library. How are you? let’s chat and catch up. We clearly have the time! Cheers and a big virtual hug!


  2. Hi,Loved your recent blogs, especially that comment from Milo, and he’s right, you do have beautiful cursive.  I didn’t even know that kids knew what that word meant, let alone how to do it.  Great idea of Eli’s.  Love you, and hope you are staying safe and healthy.

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